Marc Roberts – Miami, Boxing Promoter

The 90’s found Marc Roberts as one of the superstars of high impact networking. He was barely into his 30’s, but became a street-smart boxing promoter, whose career began and flourished because of his ability to meet and build relationships with people.

Mr. Roberts spent a small fortune building one of the best boxing gyms in the world for his “Triple Threat” three boxers with world championship tracks. They were Olympic gold medalist “Merciless” Ray Mercer, along with Olympic boxers Charles “The Natural” Murray and Alfred “Ice” Cole.

The Plainfield Courier-News described Marc Roberts in an article by sportswriter Carl Barbati: “Sometimes it seems that everybody connected with boxing is there strictly and solely for the money. Then, along comes a guy like Roberts.” Barbati continued, “He got involved with boxing as a college kid, because he loved it, and because he could see a few bucks in it. Several millions later, those are still his priorities, which makes him a distinct rarity.”