10 Amazing Halloween Decorations

10 Amazing Halloween Decorations

Halloween is about spending time with the family and interacting with the neighbors: two things we are starting to get away from…


2018 NFL Mock Draft

2018 NFL Mock Draft

The DraftBlaster 2018 NFL Mock Draft will add a second round when we get closer to the season. This again will be focused primarily on player rating rather than a strong focus on matching team needs to each player. Until then, we will feature stats from last year, and continue to display links to analysis from last year’s draft. As we learned from last season, it will take until the first quarter of the 2018 NFL season is complete to shift focus to matching players to teams. This allows not only the NFL season to develop, but also for the draft class to start to come into focus in terms of player ratings.

The Handshake — Excerpts from “Roberts Rules!”


Your first personal contact during an introduction is the handshake.  Make it count by making it a two-step process.  1) Shake the hand; 2) Look the person in the eye. I’ll never understand people who shake my hand while looking someplace else.

Eye contact is such a simple thing, but it’s so important.  These people spend loads of time and money going to workshops, and seminars, and conferences, to learn how to do well in business, and then they let their eyes roam during a handshake and blow the whole thing.  Always put the two steps together if you want to make a sincere and lasting impression.

Marc Roberts book, “Roberts Rules!” is available on Amazon.  


Getting Excited about an Idea – Excerpts from “Roberts Rules!”

Too many would-be business people assume that selling is just knowing about the product or service and going out and telling others.  Or they believe that building a better mousetrap generates that the world will beat a path to their door.  They’re wrong.

You have to look beyond the mundane facts of your product or service and find something that people can get excited about, something they are willing to take a risk for.  Everyone has the power and talent to promote and sell something that is unique.  The tough part is getting in touch with that unique selling point.

Marc Roberts’ book, “Roberts Rules!” is available on Amazon.

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