Getting Ahead – Excerpts from “Roberts Rules!”

Once you decide to go for it, you’ve got to stay focused.  You’ve got to eat, breathe, and sleep whatever it is you’re doing.  Sometimes no matter how hard you work, it’s dumb luck that really makes the difference.

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When people tell you you’re crazy, it’s a good sign that you’re on the right track.  When your competitors tell you you’re no good and you’re a failure, that means you’re on to something big.

Getting ahead

If you decide to go for it, at some point there will be risk involved. Eventually, you’ll find yourself flying without a net.  But that’s what makes it so exciting and worthwhile.  If you want to be an entrepreneur in any profession, you have to be able to live with risk, because you can’t get ahead of everybody else without sticking your neck out.

Marc Roberts’ book, “Roberts Rules!” is available on Amazon.


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